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About Cloud Labs

Cloud Labs was established in 2013, in Budapest, Hungary, by a group of experienced digital security specialists.

Generalizing the team experience and aspiration for improving security landscape, Cloud Labs formulated its mission:

We use in full our broad technology and project experience to create inspiring, problem-solving, yet compact solutions for digital security market.

Cloud Labs team unites software researchers, security system designers, kernel and system driver specialists, as well as certified security software quality assurance experts.

Current Cloud Labs Product List


Cloudifile is a small yet powerful tool to protect your data in the Dropbox storage and make it much easier to have all your important files always in the cloud. This solution uses a blend of data encryption and cloud automation: with just a couple of clicks, you can set up rules for your folders to automatically encrypt selected data and move it to the cloud whenever it appears. Access to your protected data is seamlessly provided by the virtual file and virtual disk techniques: get it decrypted when you're logged in at the usual locations, and always have it protected from external use.

Cloudifile implements industry-best data protection mechanisms, secure architecture without storing passwords or using any external service, and secure sharing functionality.

Get more details and your free version at www.cloudifile.com

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